Data Analytics Vs Data Visualization

What is Data Analytics?

The science of analyzing raw data to make conclusions about the information is known as Data Analytics. Several processes and techniques of data analytics have been automated into algorithms and mechanical processes which work over the raw data so that humans can consume it.

The techniques could reveal metrics and trends which could be lost in the mass of information. The information obtained could be used to optimize processes which can increase the overall efficiency of a system or a business.

The information of any type can be subjected to the techniques of data analytics in order to get the insight which can be used to improve things. The manufacturing companies often record the downtime, work queue, and runtime for the different machines and then analyze the data in order to plan the workloads so that the machines can operate at their peak capacity.

It can be used in many places other than pointing out the bottlenecks in production. Gaming companies use it in order to set the schedules of rewards for the players which keep the majority of players active in the particular game. Content companies make use of it so that you keep on watching, re-organizing, or clicking the content in order to get another clock or another view.

Why Data Analytics matter?

The main benefit of it is that it helps any business to optimize its performance. When Data Analytics is implemented in the business model of any company, then it helps to reduce the costs by identifying efficient ways of doing business and also by storing huge amount of data. Companies make use of it to analyze customer satisfaction, trends, and also make better decisions. This can lead to better and new services and products.

What is Data Visualization?

The graphical representation of data and information is called Data Visualization. The tools provide an easy way to understand and analyze the trends and patterns in data. These tools make use of elements like maps, charts, and graphs. The technologies and tools are essential to analyze a huge amount of information and data and even make data-driven decisions. 

Advantages of good data visualization

The human eyes are more attracted to patterns and colors. The human mind can identify square from a circle and red from blue. The culture is visual, including everything from TV and movies to advertisements and art.

It is a form of visual art which keeps our eyes on the message, and it grabs our interest. The moment we see a chart, we can see outliers and trends. When you look at a spreadsheet then at that time also you can see a trend.

Types of Visualizations

The first thing that might come to your mind when you hear about Data Visualization would be pie charts and bar graphs. The right visualization has to be paired with the right information and data. There are different methods to visualize data. Some of the methods to present data more effectively are charts, tables, maps, graphs, dashboards, and infographics.

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