Top 7 Reasons Why QlikView is Best in BI


This term is not something that everyone has heard about. QlikView is a business discovery tool. It is a business intelligence application which helps various big and small businesses to discover data. There are more than 30,000 organizations which are making use of it to understand and analyze data. It also helps the organizations to make strategic decisions. It delivers the data visually that provides context to the data in a simple but rich format. 

Components of QlikView

There are three main components.

Desktop – Development tool which is used to create.

  1. Transformation model and data extract.
  2. Dashboard visualizations and graphical user interface.

Server – The applications which are created are stored on the server. The work of the server is to handle the communication between the applications created and the clients.

Publisher – The work of the publisher is to load the data from various sources and then distribute it to the end users.

How is QlikView different?

  1. Associative technology
    It delivers the world’s first associative architecture. The individual tables are stored in the in-memory associative engine. The data points in different fields are associated with the other data points placed anywhere in the entire schema. Datasets can possess hundreds of tables and thousands of fields.

  2. Compresses Data
    It loads the data in a very compresses manner and reduces the requirement of connecting to the database. Reading the data from a QVD (Qlik View Data file) is considered to be 10 to 100% faster than reading the same data from a traditional database.

  3. Extract Transform and Load
    It has a very strong functionality of scripting, which allows the transformation of data. The functions of extract-transform and load (ETL) can be performed with the use of scripts. The developers can make use of the desktop to create multiple layers of data, which are transformation layer, extract layer, and presentation layer.

  4. Calculation of aggregation on the fly
    The engine calculates the aggregations on the fly based on the selections which are made by the user.

  5. Shorter Development Time
    The development life cycle of dashboards is much smaller than the development life cycle of other applications.

  6. Scalable solutions
    The solutions can be implemented for both small and big organizations. At the initial stage, an organization can implement a smaller solution, but as there is growth in the data and the user group, the solution can also grow along with it.

  7. Licenses
    It is licensed software, and there are different licensing options which are provided by it. 

QlikView is considered to be the most flexible platform for business intelligence, which turns data into knowledge. The easy accessibility of data helps a company in making effective decisions. It only takes minutes to learn to create endless possibilities in order to make ad hoc queries without the requirement of hierarchies and tediously defined structures. This process has to be followed in other data analysis tools but not in QlikView. It promotes unrestricted analysis of the application data, which helps the users to make accurate and time-saving decisions.  

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