Unique Features of QlikView

We offer analytics solutions based on innovation, technology as well as inspiration. Our Qlik Business Intelligence solution aids users to build their guide analytics apps via utilizing data as well as insights gleaned through the system.

We have transformed the way companies utilize data with sensitive visual discovery which puts business intelligence in the hands of numerous people. With QlikView, you may quickly analyze data as well as utilize your data discoveries to support decision making.

QlikView is a patented software engine, which creates new views of data on the fly. QlikView compresses data as well as holds it in memory, where it is obtainable for instant exploration by numerous users.

QlikView connects straight to the data source. We offer an associative experience across all the data utilized for analysis, regardless of where it is stored. You may begin anywhere, and the best thing you are not limited to pre-configured dashboards or pre-defined drill paths.

QlikView – Wonderful Business Discovery Platform

We aim to offer wonderful as well as high-quality business solutions for a large number of companies and help them to achieve their business goals.  Our QlikView is a reliable business discovery platform (also known as Business intelligence tools) that offers self-service Business intelligence for entire business users in companies. QlikView’s core, as well as a patented technique, has the characteristic of in-memory data processing, which offers the speedy result to the users. It offers both direct as well as indirect searches by using individual searches in the list boxes.

QlikView license keys may be installed on as many servers.  Our highly qualified professionals are always ready to help you at any time. We offer our clients timely reports to stay them informed on what is going as well as what has been finished.

Some Unique Features of QlikView

Direct as well as Indirect searches

Instead of offering the straight value, a user is looking for, they may input some associated data as well as obtain the precise result because of the data association. Of course, they may also search for a value directly.

Complete control over your data

Business Intelligence software QlikView allows the user to create personalized, data-driven discoveries with guided paths as well as analysis. Entire discoveries are strongly governed as well as highly customizable, which means that your employees will be guided while developing insights, as well as instructed on how to utilize those to make more valuable business decisions.

Data is held in memory for a large number of users

The structure, data, as well as calculations of a report, are entirely held in RAM (the memory of the QlikView server).

Integrations Along with The Flexibility

QlikView tool offers users the precise platform they need to build their workspaces, as well as process data in the desired ways. Users may utilize its scripts to generate customized apps or expand development with the handy Workbench. On top of that, QlikView is an effortlessly combinable system, as well as provides wide APIs for you to connect it with several apps as well as business systems.

Visual relationship utilizing colors

The relationship between data is not shown via arrow or lines but by colors. Opting a piece of data offers specific colors to the related data as well as another color to unrelated data.

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